Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The OKC Elite Prepare to Go on the Attack

This is according to Mark Shannon, courageous talk show host on KTOK - AM 1000 who is risking his job taking on the OKC Elite daily on his radio show. And kudos to Clear Channel Communications and his sponsors for resisting the pressure. Check his blog daily for incisive updates.

Get Ready For The Super Hype 11/25/09
My sources tell me that Aubrey McClendon, Clay Bennett, David Thompson, Roy Williams and others of Oklahoma City's "elite and effete" gathered at the Chamber and are ready to turn up the hype on MAPS 3, because their polling is clearly telling them.....MAPS 3 is failing.
It's not that people might not like to see some of these unnecessary luxury upgrades made to the city, but it's not the right time to make a 7 year 800 million commitment when it's clear the city doesn't have enough to pay for what we have now.
Jim Couch, City Manager, during this week's City Council meeting said, "We're going to have to come back in December and make some adjustments to the city's budget," because of the drastic drop-off in sales tax collections.
Let me interpret that:   Jobs are going to be lost, services are going to be cut, and/or both.
With the "happy, happy" face of Mick Cornett all over TV telling everyone how WONDERFUL everything is, they're not going to make any negative announcements before the election.
The UPGRADE IN HYPE will reportedly be the what you'd call "going negative."  They likely will attack anyone who speaks against MAPS.  They've already tried to muzzle me by leaning on our sponsors, but talk radio sponsors don't fold to someone who is trying to shut down free speech.


  1. I caught part of Shannon's radio show yesterday afternoon. I had some nagging suspiscions about the hard sell and spin some were putting into promoting Maps 3. I am certainly now going to vote no and encourage everyone else to as well.

    Dave C., OKC

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